Schneider EcoStruxure Client Driver for Tridium Niagara

There are two types of EcoStruxure driver for Tridium Niagara:

  • client version: Ecostruxure => Niagara
  • server version: Niagara => EcoStruxure.

See below how to integrate an existing EcoStruxure system into Niagara. If you need to integrate Niagara system into EcoStruxure – click here.

Schneider Electric series of controllers for EcoStruxure Building Operation – also known as EBO, SmartStruxure, SmartX, Struxureware – include modular AS-P and non-modular AS-B model of automation stations. They are very powerful IP devices with native I/O, multiple communication ports, built-in web-server and can be used as stand-alone controllers or as part of building management system under supervision of Enterprise Server software.

The client is a typical Niagara driver: it allows Niagara to communicate with automation stations, discover / read / write to points in real-time, access complex data structures: trendlogs, alarms and events.

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