Schneider EcoStruxure Server Driver for Tridium Niagara

There are two types of EcoStruxure driver for Tridium Niagara:

  • client version: Ecostruxure => Niagara
  • server version: Niagara => EcoStruxure.

See below how to integrate an existing Niagara system into EcoStruxure. If you need to integrate EcoStruxure system into Niagara – click here.

Schneider Electric series of controllers for EcoStruxure Building Operation – also known as EBO, SmartStruxure, SmartX, Struxureware – include modular AS-P and non-modular AS-B model of automation stations. They are very powerful IP devices with native I/O, multiple communication ports, built-in web-server and can be used as stand-alone controllers or as part of building management system under supervision of Enterprise Server software.

The server driver transforms Tridium Niagara instance (JACE, Supervisor) into EcoStruxure Web Services (EWS) server. It allows EcoStruxure AS controllers and ES software to discover Niagara points, poll them and write into them. Now Schneider integrators can use Tridium JACE (Trend TONN, JCI FX80, Distech EC-Net, Honeywell WEBS and many more) as a gateway to many BMS brands and smart devices supported by Niagara.

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