Software for Tridium Niagara

Building automation engineers are still facing challenges trying to integrate controllers and smart devices. Often products of different vendors or even different series of the same vendor cannot communicate with each other. The rise of open standard protocols helped to improve the situation, but still there is a long way to go.

Tridium Niagara is one of the leading solutions is this field. It combines flexibility, openness and the whole set of features to build anything from a simple and stable gateway to a huge building management system. Niagara includes multiple protocols and even more are available from independent developers like us.

From legacy hardware produced in the 80’s to the very latest building management systems, voice assistants, electrical cars and energy analysis down to a millisecond – our experience in automation industries, software development and Niagara framework allows us to clearly see the needs of engineers and help to fulfill them. That’s why we created drivers for various popular building automation systems:

Why would you be interested in our drivers for Niagara AX or N4? There are numerous situations when you could benefit from integrating different systems using them. Here are just some examples:

  1. Your client has a building with existing legacy system, and they want to expand it using other controllers. There should be an exchange of information between these systems, e.g. AHU controller should receive information about terminal equipment statuses and setpoints. Tridium Jace device with appropriate protocol drivers could solve this task.
  2. Your client has multiple buildings with various systems, and they want to replace multiple SCADA front-ends with a single software package to control the system remotely. Tridium Supervisor has a full stack of features for BMS control and with right set of protocols it is suitable for the task.
  3. You are planning a new building management system and don’t want to stick with one vendor solutions. Instead, you want to combine multiple vendor products, getting the best of everything feature-wise and price-wise. Again, Niagara framework and drivers for these vendor protocols will enable a fully- functional integration and user experience.
  4. In addition to building management system you want to use cloud-based analytical package for energy prediction, fault detection and all kinds of dashboards. Niagara can easily normalize real-time and historical values from most BMS vendors and push them info the cloud using MQTT or other services.