Open Charge Point Protocol Driver for Ignition SCADA

OCPP, or the Open Charge Point Protocol, stands as a universal application protocol for the communication between Electric Vehicle Charging Points (CP) and their Central System (CS), often referred to as the charging station network. Developed with the rapidly growing EV market in mind, the OCPP driver bridges a crucial gap in the electrification movement.

Inductive Automation’s Ignition is a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system known for its modularity and web-based deployment capabilities. It offers a universal architecture that facilitates connection to various data sources and supports the design of custom industrial applications. With its flexible deployment options, Ignition can be used both on-premise and in the cloud.

Our OCPP driver is designed to enable communication between an electric vehicle charging point and Ignition SCADA system operating as a Central System. It provides an integrated solution for SCADA systems and electric vehicle infrastructure. Driver can be used to implement a demand response and load balancing for any CP that implement OCPP Smart Charging profile.

OCPP to Niagara connection diagram

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