Grundfos GENIbus Pump Driver for Tridium Niagara

Grundfos Electronics Network Intercommunications bus – GENIbus – is a protocol developed by Grunfos, the leading pump manufacturer. This protocol is based on industry-standart RS-485 fieldbus and is available in most commercial Grundfos pumps and control units out of the box.

GENIbus driver for Niagara enables communication beween Grundfos pumps and Niagara powered devices, including Vykon Jace, Honeywell Hawk, Trend TONN, JCI FX, Distech Controls EC-Net.

Integration of pumps allows engineers to monitor all pump parameters, modify setpoints and configuration settings, switch on modes of operation – do much more than it is possible through hard-wired inputs and outputs. Pump IO could be monitored and controlled via GENIbus for complex control strategies.

GENIbus integration with Niagara is fast, straightforward and more cost-effective than hard-wired IO – multiple cables, controller inputs/outputs and longer commissioning – or integration via Grundfos BACnet / Modbus / LON gateways – separate gateway for each pump, power, installation.

GENIbus point discovery

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