Lutron Driver for Tridium Niagara

Lutron is a manufacturer of popular lighting and shade control system. It has an extensive product range with the solutions for small, residential and commercial markets.

Lutron uses two protocols for communication: EcoSystem® BUS and QS-Link.

  • EcoSystem® BUS is a lower level protocol for communication between ballasts, drivers and control interfaces.
  • QS-Link is the higher level protocol used for communication between light switches, sensors and control interfaces. It is based on RS-485 communication with additional power wiring. The protocol allows up to 99 devices per network.

The driver will enable Tridium Niagara communication with Lutron network through one of its integration access points:

QS Standalone: QSE-CI-NWK-E
Quantum®: QSE-CI-NWK-E
HomeWorks® QS: HQP6-2
myRoom™ plus: GCU-HOSP

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Lutron to Niagara connection diagram