Niagara SmartHub Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to set public IP for my Niagara station?
  • No, public IP is not required

  • Does Niagara service communicates with server?
  • Niagara SmartHub is built as “serverless” application. There is no single server, instead it utilizes multiple Amazon web services on the cloud.

  • What will happen if your server fail?
  • There is no server for us to manage. All cloud services are hosted and managed by Amazon, which is a leading public cloud computing company now. All services used by Niagara SmartHub has very high uptime.

  • Is my communication with Alexa service secure enough?
  • Niagara station communications with Amazon services are secured with a personal X.509 certificate signed by Amazon, so the security is very similar to SSL/TLS scheme used by internet banks.