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how-to – Voice user interface for building management systems

An example of Amazon Alexa integration with Tridium Niagara

GUI is outdated. Welcome to VUI Read More ›

protocols – Communication services

Polling and Grouping

Polling mechanism described here and here does not have throughput big enough to ensure high update rate for big BMS installations. The next enhancement we will introduce is point grouping. Read More ›

protocols – Communication services

Polling Going Deeper

The very basic polling service described in the first part has a limited throughput, so it is not well suited for real applications (except for very small ones) in its original form. Could it be enhanced? Of course. Read More ›

protocols – Communication services

Polling Basics

All BMS communication protocols (well, almost all) use polling to read point values. This is a simple service, consisting of request-response message pairs. Master device (for example, Tridium Jace) asks for a point – slave device responds with its value. Repeat again, and again, and again. Read More ›

how-to – Time synchronisation in Tridium Niagara systems

Part 2: Jace to BACnet devices

A video guide for time synchronisation between Jace and BACnet devices Read More ›